Aad and Else perform during the autumn and winter in their Victorian style 30-seat magic lantern theatre – the Dickenstheater. The show normally lasts around two hours but can also be adapted to individual needs. The theme is always based on the public readings of Charles Dickens.

The 15 readings in the repertoire have been adapted and translated into Dutch by Else (author and playwright) who acts as lanternist, whilst Aad’s presentation brings Charles Dickens to life adding an unforgettable dimension to the performance. Through the introduction and intermezzos the audience are given further insight into Dickens’ stories and his life.

Else and Aad also lecture throughout the Netherlands on Charles Dickens’ life and work. An important element of these lectures is the history and function of the Magic Lantern, with a particular focus on slides of adaptations of Dickens’ stories and the influence of his stories on (pre)cinema.

See Charles Dickens Theater website for more information

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The Magic Lantern Society does not guarantee that any performance you arrange will match your requirements and recommends that you agree your needs in detail with any potential lanternist. Any resulting contract or arrangement to provide a show will be between the organiser and the lanternist only and will not involve the Magic Lantern Society in any way.

Image for Charles Dickens Theater
Image for Charles Dickens Theater