The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern No. 9

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Publication date:  December 2016

Editor:  AUCKLAND, Mary Ann

Editor:  SEBUS, Gwen


  • Else Flim, Adrian Kok, Mark Sullivan, Karin Bienek, Ludwig Vogl-Bienek and Lester Smith, Christmas stories, p. 1,3
  • The Magic Lantern Society notice board, p. 2
  • Jeremy Brooker, Coming soon: 10th International Convention of the Magic Lantern Society, p. 4
  • Mervyn Heard, The Great Sequah: driven to extraction, pp. 5-7
  • Sara Velas, The Velaslavasay Panorama in Los Angeles, p. 8
  • Mervyn Heard, A highly prized lantern, p. 9
  • Ine van Dooren, The magic lantern today, p. 9
  • Jeremy Brooker, Prominent magic lanternists: Philip Banham, pp. 10-11
  • John Hyett, 4th biennial Australasian Magic Lantern Convention, p. 12
  • Mary Ann Auckland, 17th International Convention of the Magic Lantern Society of the United States and Canada, p. 13
  • Mary Ann Auckland, David Elsbury 'Bristol at home' meeting: 3 September 2016, p. 14
  • Mary Ann Auckland, The autumn meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: Birmingham, 22 October 2016, pp. 15-16
  • Lester Smith, Homemade slides, p. 16


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