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Formed in 1977 the Magic Lantern Society today enjoys a world-wide membership whose interests cover all forms of visual media and optical diversions right up into the 21st century and these interests are reflected in the Society's activities.

Our members are collectors, enthusiasts, students of film, visual media and popular culture, magicians, artists, performers, scientists and archival organisations from over 30 different countries.

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Lantern History

An introduction to the world of the lantern from its origins to today with illustrations of lanterns, slides and accessories.

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Did you know...?

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the Mervyn Heard and Dick Balzer awards.

Mervyn Heard Award

The inaugural Mervyn Heard Award for research goes to Yana Agafonova for her proposal on public readings with magic lanterns in late Imperial Russia.

Dick Balzer Award

The first ever Dick Balzer Award for artwork or performance goes to Oona Libens for her performance Soma (2019).

Full details published in The Magic Lantern, no. 21 December 2019.