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Rektor Fissen, Wagners 'Lohengrin' u. 'Meistersinger'lecturen.d.
Delia Gillies and Peter Gillies, The waitspoem1995
Edgar Lee, The waits: an unsentimental agestoryn.d.
Henry Gore, A walk in the 'Zoo'lecturen.d.
Henry Gore, A walk in the 'Zoo'lecture1875
Reverend James Burns, The walk to Emmaus: an art sermonsermonn.d.
Walker's new series of temperance dialogues and recitations: no. 50compilation1889
‘ Lewis Carroll’, The Walrus and the Carpenterpoemn.d.
Wanderings in Bible landslecture1887
Wanderings in Parislecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The war horse of the futurepoemn.d.
Washington to the North Westlecturen.d.
Robert Craven, Watch him, Pincherpoemn.d.
Watch ye!lecturen.d.
Reverend Charles Kingsley, Water babiesstoryn.d.
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, Water is good enough!poemn.d.
Professor Silvanus P. Thompson, Waves of soundlecturen.d.
Waves of sound [and] Sleepy Hollowcompilationn.d.
Robert Craven, The way of the worldpoemn.d.
John J. Rae and James Tipton, The way to Heaven: a service of songservice of songn.d.
John J. Rae, The way to Heaven for a sixpencestoryn.d.
W.A. Eaton, The way to the citypoemn.d.
Wednesday before Easter: the betrayed Christsermon1907
A week in Venicelecture1893
Robert Southey, The well of St. Keynepoemn.d.
The well-read hunterpoemn.d.
Wells Cathedral and Glastonbury Abbeylecturen.d.
Western pioneers and Indian warfarestoryn.d.
The western Tyrollecturen.d.
Westminster Abbeylecturen.d.
Westminster Abbeylecturen.d.
Westminster Abbeylecturen.d.
Wilmot Harrison, Westminster Abbeylecture1898
‘ C.J.M.’, Wet paintpoemn.d.
Wettlauf des Hasen und Igelstoryn.d.
Whale fishing and voyaging in the Arctic regionslecturen.d.
Joseph E. Carpenter and Stephen Glover, What are the wild waves saying?song1849
Reverend S.H. Parkes, What do you take to drink?poemn.d.
What happened to Tommy Wilful in the trainpoemn.d.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox, What have you done to-day?poemn.d.
What little girls can dopoemn.d.
What the train broughtpoemn.d.
Otway Thorpe and Charles Gounod, When the children praysong1894
Clifton Bingham and Stanley Gordon, When the ebb-tide flowssong1906
Marion Denison and William Pratt, When the fields are white with daisiessong1904
Howard Graham and Harry Von Tilzer, When the harvest days are oversong1900
Charles Swain and Dudley Buck, When the heart is youngsong1876
Clifton Bingham and ‘ Emmerson James’, When we're togethersong1908
Where are you going, my pretty maid?songn.d.
William Rushforth and Ezra Read, Which is the way to Heaven?song1903
Theo. J. Piggott, Which side wins?: a musically illustrated temperance service on the new crusadeservice of songn.d.
W.A. Eaton, While the Sabbath bells were ringing: a temperance recitationpoemn.d.
Robert Craven, Whip behindpoemn.d.
Fannie Eden, The white slaves of Londonstoryn.d.
‘ G.M.H.’ and James Tipton, Whiter than snowservice of song1882
Whittington and his catstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, Who stole the widow's cow?poemn.d.
Miss Miriam R. Smith, A wholesome mealpoemn.d.
Fred Rodger, Why Santa Claus didn't comestoryn.d.
Why should England fear?songn.d.
Why the 'Green Dragon' was closedservice of songn.d.
The wicked parentsstoryn.d.
Wie Kriegsverletzte wieder arbeitstüchtig werden (Kriegsbeschädigtenfürsorge)lecture1916
The wife's sacrificepoemn.d.
Wild animals: no. 1lecturen.d.
Wild animals: no. 2lecturen.d.
Wild animals and how they are huntedlecturen.d.
Wild animals in captivitylecturen.d.
Will Carlton's farmer and his wife, Betseystory1889
Chas. K. Harris, Will the roses bloom in Heaven?song1911
William Telltitle listn.d.
Willie's new bootsstoryn.d.
Windsor Castlelecturen.d.
Windsor Castlelecturen.d.
The wisdom of the birdssermon1912
Wit at a pinchpoemn.d.
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and Allan Helmsley, With one accord: a sacred song service for general occasionsservice of songn.d.
With our sailors and soldiers afloat and ashore [and] The Cuban War and fight for freedomcompilation1898
With our soldiers and sailors afloat and ashorelecture1898
De wolf en de zeven geitjesstoryn.d.
Robert Craven, Women's rightspoemn.d.
Minnie Lermont and John Burnham, Won by a song: an Australian storyservice of songn.d.
George W. Persley, Won't you buy my pretty flowers?songn.d.
Won't you buy my pretty flowers?song1898
Joel Chandler Harris and W.T. Stead, The wonderful adventures of old Brer Rabbitstory1905
Reverend M.B. Moorhouse, The wonderful echopoemn.d.
The wonderful sausagepoemn.d.
The wonderful storyservice of songn.d.
Robert Craven, The wonderful telescopepoemn.d.
William F. Piggott, Wonders of the waysidelecturen.d.
Robert Craven, The wooden fiddle: or a base vile deceptionpoemn.d.
Woodland musicservice of songn.d.
Woodland musicstory1952
Mrs M.S. Haycraft and Fred W. Peace, Woodland voices: a sacred song service for general useservice of songn.d.
Wool manufacturelecturen.d.
Sydney Watson, Wops the waif: a story of London Arab lifestoryn.d.
Sydney Watson, Wops the waif: a story of London Arab lifestoryn.d.
Sydney Watson, Wops the waif: a story of London Arab lifestoryn.d.
H.I. Watson, A word for Sallypoemn.d.
The work of the Navy in the Great Warlecture1915
F. Grove Palmer, The world invertedpoemn.d.
The world on wingslecture1910
The World War: chapter I – the call to armslecture1915
The World War: chapter II – the dash for Parislecture1915
The World War: chapter III – our far flung battle linelecture1915
The World War: chapter IV – coming to gripslecture1915
The World War: chapter V – daring deeds in winter warfarelecture1915
The World War: chapter VI – Britain's Imperial unitylecture1915
The World War: chapter VII – round about Ypreslecture1915
The World War: chapter VIII – the War in the eastlecture1915
The World War: chapter X - forging ahead all roundlecture1915
Reverend R.C. Gillie, The worm in the wellstoryn.d.
Worms and their worklecturen.d.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The wreck of the Hesperuspoemn.d.
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow and J.L. Hatton, The wreck of the Hesperussongn.d.
The wreck of the Hesperus [and other titles]compilationn.d.
The wreckerspoemn.d.
The wreckers: a temperance storypoemn.d.


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