Jeremy and Carolyn Brooker present unique magic lantern entertainments using original glass slides and equipment from the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries alongside modern slides of their own creation.

Their shows feature an authentic triunial (or Triple) magic lantern combining three projectors in a single device. This is the most complex and rarest form of magic lantern entertainment. It allows them to present their fast-moving shows featuring the most spectacular effects the lantern can produce. Carolyn and Jeremy Brooker have been performing together for over 20 years to perfect this demanding art.

Each performance is tailor-made for the occasion and their shows are suitable for all ages from family audiences to the most discerning attendees at film festivals or academic conferences.

Jeremy Brooker regularly collaborates with other artists and musicians to create new works featuring the magic lantern. He also accepts commissions for bespoke magic lantern sequences for theatre and film projects.

See Jeremy and Carolyn Brooker’s website for more information

For enquiries please contact Jeremy and Carolyn via the Magic Lantern Society website


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The Magic Lantern Society does not guarantee that any performance you arrange will match your requirements and recommends that you agree your needs in detail with any potential lanternist. Any resulting contract or arrangement to provide a show will be between the organiser and the lanternist only and will not involve the Magic Lantern Society in any way.

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