The Magic Lantern

The Magic Lantern, 2014- 2024

The Magic Lantern (TML) has been published four times a year since 2014, offering a lively mixture of Society news, current events in the world of the projected image and research-based articles on every aspect of optical history.

Society members receive each issue by post as soon as it is published. The issues are also created as PDF files, which are available here for searching, viewing and downloading. The eight most recent issues are only available to Society members (sign in to the Members’ Area for access), while earlier issues are made available to all.

Latest issue:  No. 38 (March 2024)


  • »  Helmut W√§lde, The Excellent Art of Wrestling and the Leiden Aratea: how a chance discovery helped find the templates for an important series of early Dutch lantern slides
  • »  Magic Lantern Society notice board
  • »  The four seasons
  • »  Stephen Bottomore, Travels in Thailand
  • »  Melissa Ferrari, Relict: a Phantasmagoria
  • »  Dominique Santens and Philippe Khazzaka, From biunial to triunial
  • »  John Hyett, 'Patent ghosts' in Australia
  • »  Richard Feltham, From the Chair
  • »  Peter Stibbons, The Randall-Salter magic lantern collection
  • »  Mary Ann Auckland, 48th Annual General Meeting of the Magic Lantern Society: London, 20 January 2024

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