The American Magic-Lantern Theater has been touring for many years throughout the United States and the world, from Lincoln Center in New York to Singapore and to hundreds of venues in between.

The Theater has 10 different shows in its repertoire, including Halloween, Christmas, New Years, Valentine's, Spring, Summer, American History, American Civil War, and a Sea Show.

The shows appeal to adults and children six and above, are fast-paced and fun, and can be tailored in length and content to fit almost any situation.

See The American Magic-Lantern Theater website for more information

For enquiries please contact Amis d'Emile Reynaud via the Magic Lantern Society website


Other lanternists performing in U.S.A.


The Magic Lantern Society does not guarantee that any performance you arrange will match your requirements and recommends that you agree your needs in detail with any potential lanternist. Any resulting contract or arrangement to provide a show will be between the organiser and the lanternist only and will not involve the Magic Lantern Society in any way.

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