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Victorian Film Catalogues

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Victorian Film Catalogues

London: The Projection Box, 1996

ISBN 978-0952394-11-2

48 pages, paperback, 15 x 21cm

This slim volume brings together facsimile copies of ten catalogues of early film producers and distributors operating in Britain in the last years of the 19th century. These very rare documents are reproduced from the W.D. Slade Archive, a collection of papers gathered by a Cheltenham shoemaker who had a touring show of ‘Animated Photos’ as a sideline in 1896-97.

The manufacturers whose wares are listed here include Fuerst Brothers (distributing Lumière films); Gaumont; Maguire and Baucus (Edison films); Robert W. Paul; Watson and Sons; and Philipp Wolff (distributor of films by Lumière, Méliès, Pathé and others).