Aims & Objectives

The Society aims to provide, for those interested in the history and development of the Magic Lantern media, a forum in which to meet and a framework for research, conservation and documentation.

The aims and objectives of the Society, as defined in our Constitution, are:

  1. To revive and sustain the art and science of magic lantern projection and to encourage the arrangement and presentation of magic lantern shows and other optical entertainments.
  2. To exchange knowledge, co-ordinate research and disseminate information both within The Society and to the wider public and to develop an educational support role within the community at large.
  3. To encourage and perpetuate the preservation of apparatus, materials and recordings of meetings and to examine, develop and implement appropriate conservation techniques.
  4. To encourage the cataloguing, exhibition and archiving of existing and future material relating to these objects.
  5. To facilitate and produce publications, in any appropriate form, which support these objects.
  6. To foster and enjoy the spirit of friendship, cooperation and enthusiasm between members.

If any of those sound like something that would interest you, why not join the Society?

"Magic Lantern media" encompases apparatus, slides and accessories, other visual effects, optical toys, early film and related ephemera.